35’er Bar

Pasadena, California

Located in the heart on Old Town Pasadena, this two-story, unreinforced brick structure had originally been built at the turn of the previous century. In 1929, fourteen feet of the front of all these Victorian buildings were cut off to allow Colorado Boulevard to be widened and new facades were designed.

As one of the last of the original bars on the street, the owners went forward with a complete seismic strengthening and retrofit. Discovered under the facade from the 50's, was the original cast plaster and transom windows. The dark alleys behind were being converted to pedestrian ways through a new redevelopment plan and justified the creation of a new entry from the back.

All of the existing windows were reconditioned. New exterior lighting was kept low-key and designed to reflect the period. The original neon sign was restored. The second floor offices were renovated and occupied for the first time in several decades.

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