Pt. Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes National Seashore, California

Approximately 295,000 people visit the Bear Valley Visitors Center annually, making it a focal point of the visitor experience and an opportunity to educate the public about sustainable building. Green Building Architects provided the National Park Service with specifications and drawings for a reconstruction of an existing restroom that never closes. It became the first restroom with hot water—and no water heater!

Four sustainable building goals were identified for the project's design, construction, and future operations:

  1. No waste to landfill
  2. Low energy use
  3. Low operating/maintenance cost
  4. Good indoor air quality

Green building materials

Salvaged materials were recycled including copper pipe, porcelain fixtures, electrical wire, cast iron pipe, and electrical fixtures. We specified local materials for what was not reused from the existing building. New materials were also selected for low embedded energy, durability, and appropriateness for the natural surrounding environment.

The project was built with pride by Park Service employees and has since become a potential prototype for future restrooms within the National Park Service.

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